Although primarily dedicated to the many styles of REGGAE: roots, revival, dancehall, ragga, lovers, conscious and SOUL: RnB, old school, disco, rare grooves, swing, jazz etc.  As the years passed Passion Radio felt it had a duty to showcase as much of the popular styles of music that can be found in the many clubs & nightlife in the wonderful, musical city of Bristol (UK) – a city that has brought the world artists like …  Roni Size, Massive Attack, Smith & Mighty, Joker, Graffiti Artist Banksy and more. With More Producers & local artists surfacing every day we at Passion Radio can guarantee there will be more great names added to the musical world from Bristol City.

For the last 17 years PassionRB.com has dedicated itself to promote all genres of music, reflecting all the sounds you can find in Bristol’s overground & underground night life. After 17 years music and musical tastes has changed. We felt the need to diversify and adopt a range in various styles in music.


Passion Radio Bristol.com’s  duty is to entertain the world by showcasing as much of the popular (and not so popular), styles of music that can be found in the city of Bristol (UK). Using DJ’s and presenters that are resident in Bristol & surrounding areas who are passionate about the tunes they specialise in.

Bristol is our base city and we are proud of it so for 17 years we have passionately struggled to deliver quality musical radio shows to our listeners.  Our listeners have grown into a community.  The unique feeling that music gives has united us all.


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Q: How to listen to Passion Radio Bristol online radio?

A: Passion Radio Bristol is a free radio service that streams music shows to your computer, smartphone, tablet or smart TV.  Listening is made easy with the Passion Radio Bristol Online Player.

Passion Radio Bristol is available for listening on PC / MAC, mobile phones, tablets and other platforms. Tune in and listen to our online radio shows via our Passion Radio Online Player.

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Q: How can I become a Passion Radio Bristol DJ?

A: Fancy becoming a Passion Radio Bristol DJ? Send your request to Passionrb.com. Drop us an e-mail with a short description, musical genres played, your musical profile and a short description about you along with one of your best radio music mixes.

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Volunteering opportunities available
Q: What volunteers do you need? How can I get involved?

A: We are looking for online editors and music news guru’s. Do you like music so much that you can talk all day about it? Send us some of your work to review and come and meet us for a coffee or get in touch via our contact form. Drop us a quick email with your requests and get in touch with Passion Radio Bristol online crew.

We have 2 open positions available to fill!

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This application lets you listen to Passion Radio Bristol “Broadcasting the sounds of Bristol UK to the World” on your Android phone or tablet. NEW PASSIONRB APP FOR ANDROID

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