One of Bristol’s most loving not to be messed with selfless legend ‘Dutty Ken’ suddenly passed away on Friday 3rd February 2017

One of Bristol’s most loving not to be messed with selfless legend ‘Dutty Ken’ suddenly passed away on Friday 3rd February 2017

About Dutty KEN

Born in March 1940, the father of four and grandfather of ten, Ken arrived in Bristol from London in 1963, and took over the Star & Garter Pub on Brook Road Montpelier Bristol, in 1993.

Ken was a great believer in Community Radio and supported all the local radio stations for over 15 years, even when facing bankruptcy (because the pub wasn’t doing as well as it use to), Ken continued to support the local radio stations.Ken Funeral[12695]

Ken will be remembered for many wonderful things including his ‘Jamaican Hotpot’ that he would cook mainly on weekends and share with his customers for free.He was a great believer in supporting certain charities especially Sickle Cell & Thalassemia Disease a condition that mainly affects black people and people from the mediterranean. Once a year he would hold a free ‘Mini Fest’ outside his pub on the Albany Green where he would invite local bands, DJ’s, singers, children’s entertainers, face painting, a few local food stalls and other artists to perform from midday to midnight ending the outside entertainment with a fantastic firework display and then continuing the party inside his pub until late. All this would be funded by Ken himself and he would then donate what he collected to the Sickle Cell & Thalassemia Bristol Charity.

Alongside his family music was his passion and Ken would play music (mainly reggae), in the pub every weekend. Many Bristol DJ’s including the late DJ Derek started their career in the Star & Garter. Ken loved people no matter where you came from, colour or creed he welcomed everyone with open arms and the more eccentric you were the more he was intrigued. This was probably because Ken was an eccentric, colourful character himself. He could be joyful with a big voice & smile and at the same time he could be hard work to deal with when in his grumpy mood. But who ever he fell out with 9 times out of 10 he would greet you with a smile and open arms the next time he met you.

The Star & Garter was ‘His Corner’ and in the early 90’s when drug dealers frequented ‘His Corner’ Ken did what he could to reduce the drug taking and dealing not just in the pub but on ‘His Corner’ and in the streets.Ken put his life in danger and at times had to arm himself when he was leaving the pub. He was successful in his mission by standing his ground and now the street has really improved no longer is there any vandalism, drug taking and drug dealing.

Just a week before his passing Ken was very proud to know that he was voted one of Bristol Post ‘Coolest Bristolians.

Ken was landlord of the Star & Garter pub for 24 years and passed away in the pub. This was something he wanted because he worried about what he would do if he retired.
Louis Joseph Hayles – aka Bristol legend Dutty Ken – leaves four children: Norma Purnell, Dawn Hayles, Lorna Hayles and Daniel Toy, and ten grandchildren: Nicholas, Nathan, Hannah, Gemma, Joshua, Zion, Tai, Joseph, Chaka and Kibibi and many heart broken friends.

Our heartfelt condolences goes out to Dutty Ken’s family. Rest In Peace Ken all at Passion Radio Bristol will truly miss you.

In Memory of ‘Dutty Ken’ there will be a few events held at his beloved Star & Garter Pub’. See flyers for more Information