A selection of Jazz with a focus on the Duke Ellington, Lester Young, 30s, 40, 50s, 60s era in addition to some of the incredible jazz being produced and recorded today.

Saturday Morning Jazz Radio Show

DJ Tokubetsu Kun plays a selection of jazz vocals and instrumentals; the focus of the program is to draw people’s attention to what is the foundation to much of the R&B, Hip Hop and other popular music today. Some of the great vocalists such as Sarah Vaughan had the ability to use their voices and improvise like one would do when playing an instrument – we often contrast a vocal and instrumental interpretation of the same tune to dissect the composition and to educate the listeners to go beyond the melody and to listen to maybe drums, bass and underlying percussion that allows the music to sound as it does.

We take time to introduce some of the greats such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie and Benny Carter to highlight the circumstances under which they were able to come up with such incredible compositions that still sound fresh 60 + years later. For 30 minutes of every program there is a slight deviation from the main jazz where we play what we call ‘jazz inspired’ music which has an emphasis on improvisation.


Tokeubetsu Kan


  • Jazz 100%
  • Jazz Fusion 100%
  • Blues 100%
  • Jazz Funk 100%

DJ Tokubetsu Kun is a self taught musician with an appreciation of music with the ability to play multiple instruments, his main love remains the Double Bass and he plays regularly in a Jazz Trio in weddings, private parties and various functions.

Tokeubetsu Kan

Disc Jockey, Passion Radio Bristol


I have played live in various bands:

  • Glastonbury
  • Ashton Court festival
  • St Pauls Carnival
  • Various weddings
  • Private parties and functions
  • Performing in formats such as:
  • Jazz trio [double bass]
  • Jazz funk [electric bass]
  • soul [keyboards]



  • Benny Carter [alto sax]
  • Milt Jackson [vibraphone/vocals]
  • Duke Ellington [piano/band leader]
  • Rachelle Ferrelle / Sarah Vaughan [vocals]
  • Roy Hargrove [trumpet]
  • George Benson [guitar/vocals]



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