DJ Taz brings a fresh two hour radio show mix, which includes reggae music, soul, funk and 80s electro or bouncy house. Select your favourites and lock on to Passion Radio Bristol!

DJ Taz has been playing dance music since 2000 but has always been into nearly every dance scene since the early 1980`s. He`s played with most of the top dance DJ`s or played on the same nights but in other rooms. He`s a down to earth human being and has never forgotten it`s his friends and his supporters that keep him going.

It`s the people that put the DJ`s on the stage and Taz has never forgotten that and his door is always open for new up and coming DJ`s. Taz took over the Bournemouth Beach Parties in 2002, organizing and playing at them till 2006. He also played for a few Free Party Crews, The Tribe of Locusts or Homegrown Sounds. DJ Taz makes his own tunes and everyone that knows him have heard a few of them, his latest tunes are on his mixcloud.

In 2009, DJ Taz moved to Bristol where he got a residency at Castro`s night club and was asked to play at Lakota`s 18th bday event. He was also playing for ADT, Masterravers, Lunatrip, Bangers and Mash, Bad Bass to name a few. 3 years ago he started playing his own radio show on DJ Taz has a residency in Weston-Super-Mare, every 2 months at the underground bar for destination wired where he plays house, electro, dance classics and commercial dance.



  • Reggae 100%
  • Soul & Funk 100%
  • House 100%
  • Techno 100%
  • Hardcore 100%

Hi everyone, my name is Taz Stevens (DJ Taz).

I started playing for Passion Radio about 3 years ago now and I`ve loved every show that I`ve done. I was introduced to station owner Jackie Wilson by another Passion Radio DJ called Madam Sugar.

My radio show is on every Monday  from 15.00 – 16.00 where I play reggae (old and new), and then from 16.00 – 16.30 I play soul, funk, 80`s electro funk, remixes or bootlegs and from 16.30 – 17.00 its the part of my show I call Taz`s house mayhem, where its all about the house music, may it be soulful, funky, deep or electro house.

I love music and this shows in the eclectic mix I play every Monday on ‘The School Run Show’ 3PM til 5PM. My DJ career started around 30 years ago, by accident, I might say. When a good friend of mine that I accompanied at parties and events had to leave suddenly because his girlfriend had gone into labour, I was left alone with the mixing system. Watching my friend doing his gigs for months now, I was asked to take over.

Knowing the mixing system and having a passion for music since I was little, I took charge of the music. For the first time when I looked at the dance floor, after seeing all those people having fun and enjoying themselves I got the amazing feeling that this is what I want to do in my life. People were just dancing their problems away to the music and music united them as one.

After a while of DJ’ing at parties and events, I went on to become a mobile DJ. Playing mostly at CIU clubs, conservative clubs weddings and parties. It was through doing this I started to mix my tracks and got into the dance scene. I have spent the last few years playing at various clubs, pubs and parties including The Henley Royal Regatta.


Disc Jockey, Passion Radio Bristol


The Drive Time Show with DJ TAZ (16.05.2016)

The Drive Time Show with DJ TAZ (09.05.2016)

The Drive Time Show – with DJ Taz (18.04.2016)



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