DJ Lioness with ‘The One Away Flex,’ show every Sunday 2-4pm (GMT) with the best in reggae music.  The show gives you a flavour of reggae music and introduces you to artist past and present.  The genres of music include cultural and lovers rock.  Lock on to Passion Radio Bristol.


Lioness started on Passion Radio Bristol in 1998, she was one of the first female djs. She plays vinyl as she says  “it gives a feel of real music”.   At first the show consisted of 3 categories Lovers Rock, Cultural and Reggae Dancehall.  The show has changed slightly over the years because reggae dancehall lyrics had changed and started to promote profanities. Lioness decided to drop the dancehall segment of the show and concentrate on featured artists. The change proved popular with her listeners. National & international reggae artists regularly sent their new tunes to play along with their jingles/drops.

Its ‘Much More Music’ in the show so there’s little chats so listeners can enjoy & take in the lyrics they have tuned in for.  The jingles/drops you hear on the show are genuinely from the featured artists.

Now and then the show takes a trip down memory lane featuring some real classics (big people tunes), from artists like Alton Ellis, Dennis Brown, Bob Marley,  Delroy Wilson, Gregory Isaacs, to name a few. You may even be treated to some ‘Ska’ from legendary artists such as Mille Jackson (‘My Boy Lollipop’), just to spice things up.

The show offers inspiration to all. The ‘One Away Flex’ captures worldwide audiences that are young, middle and old, including the reggae artist themselves.

‘The Lovers Rock’ Section gives the easy romantic styles where you can think about being in love, finding love or even falling out of love.  The Cultural Section is all about penetration of the lyric and penetration of the vibes and looks at everyday occurrences, whether good or bad and offers comfort as well as fulfilment through music.  The show takes you on a musical journey and exposes a little bit of the Lioness.




  • Lovers Rock 100%
  • Concious Reggae 100%
  • Cultural Reggae 100%
  • Ragga 100%
  • Ska 100%


I was born and brought up in Moss-side, Manchester UK in a family of 4, two older brothers and one younger sister.   I was bought up in a Christian family going to church and Sunday school every Sunday until I chose no longer to go. My musical knowledge and influences span from my childhood days of the church and my older brother who had a ‘Sound System’.  Many of my first 7 inch vinyl’s I acquired from him.

I won a competition on a radio to go and see reggae star Gregory Isaacs in Oldham at the age of 17, whom I admired with his sexy voice. I stood at the front and was mesmerised by him as I sang away to the songs.  The song ‘Red Rose’ by Gregory Issac in his Showcase that night changed my whole life for music.  I loved the show and this gave me a passion to explore other artist in more depth. I started to listen deeply to reggae lyrics which helped me get through my days.   Gregory Issacs will always be my idol.

At 21 years old I decided to move to London for work and explore the big city.  I had met my boyfriend the year before and he was from Bristol, but this did not stop me moving to London.  London was a cold and a lonely place I lived in South London and worked in Camden (50 minute journey), so the friends I made at work were not the friends outside work as most didn’t live in London to survive in London I had to get out and socialise. I found new friends and my musical journey started.  I met a man called the ‘Bankee’ he introduced me to a young woman called Sophie who was around the same age as me. ‘Bankee’ ran a radio station and was looking for female djs, he wanted Sophie and I to team up and play on a Sunday morning show, I laughed it off but ‘Bankee’ persisted week after week, month after month until I said “ok l will do it”.  We had no vinyls or cassettes etc but we were going to do a show, what a joke. ‘Bankee’ gave me his vinyl collection and as I looked through I saw Gregory Isaacs ‘Tune In’.  I smiled and said this can work.  ‘Bankee’ decided to call me the ‘Lioness’ because he said i’m ‘feisty’ at times and Sophie the ‘Tigress’. The ‘Lioness’ was born.

On our first night with selected tunes ready to play the ‘Lioness’ & ‘Tigress’  lost themselves behind the radio. Calls came into the studio from car drivers listening to what they called the ‘sexy ladies’ on the airwaves, it was fun and exciting.

Over the months we started to go out to clubs, meeting new people and getting recognised. Things were really looking up, doors opened and we loved the attention.  This went on for 3 years until my boyfriend ask me to move to Bristol. The London musical journey with ‘Bankee’, and Sophie aka ‘Tigress’ ended.

I moved to Bristol 1988 and music took a back burner but was always a part of my life.   I settled down and worked. In 1998 I met a lady that would re-light that inner musical passion again. I joined Passion Radio Bristol in 1998 and I have never looked back.

I developed my show to stand out above the rest by combining jingles/drops of the artist whose music I was played, this task involved sourcing the artist and arranging to meet up with them, do an interview and get a radio jingle/drop. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get artist to contribute to their own music, but sheer persistence and with the help of a great man (my boyfriend), who is now my husband helped me out a lot and is always close by for support.

With the arrival of my first son in 1991 and then 6 years later my second son, I wanted to be a good mother with inspiration to offer them as young boys. Dancehall was hot at the time and was a major part of my show with cultural and lovers taking a smaller segment of my show.   Over the years and as a keen listener to lyrics and striving to bring my children up right, dancehall started to change and not in a way that I could allow my children to be a part of.  Dancehall started to evolve and they were getting older I wanted to steer them along the right path.   Because of the profanity I could no longer consciously promote dancehall especially around my boys and expect them to grow into decent men.  Dancehall was dropped from my show and a new format of ‘Lovers Rock’ and ‘Cultural Reggae’.

My first interview was with reggae artist ‘Beenie Man’, the interview didn’t go too well but my editing skills and music in the background made it fantastic for a first interview.  (Being star stuck didn’t help either).

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of featuring on radio 1 with ‘Chris Gold finger’ a brilliant opportunity for me to actually broadcast to the world for the first time. I have hosted some big Reggae artist live stage shows including Colston Hall and O2 Academy in Bristol UK such as Freddie McGregor, Luciano , Beres Hammond , John Holt. Just to name a few. I have met many reggae artists over the years, many whom have become friends.

To my listeners, family and friends, “Love you like Cook Food”…Lioness



Disc Jockey, Passion Radio Bristol


The One Way Flex with Lioness (22.05.2016)



  • Gregory Issacs
  • Beres Hammond
  • Denis Brown
  • Alton Ellis
  • Carroll Thompson



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